At DDM Global, we don’t only host your website, but we service, update, and protect it. With our web hosting and support plans, you are guaranteed to have your website up and running 99.9% of the time. Our web servers are some of the most powerful and fastest operating servers in the business; ensuring that visitors who happen upon your site will receive faster load times for an increased browsing experience of your website. Our Standard and Combo plans allow for virtually unlimited storage, along with routine backups and maintenance for security and insurance purposes.

Available Website Support Plans

With today’s technology quickly advancing, your website needs the same attention as your motor vehicle. Just like tuning your car, your website needs to be tuned and updated as well so it can continue to perform at the pace of the advancing technology. Without the constant upgrading and attention, your site may become susceptible to attacks or quit performing all together. With our Standard and Combo plans, we guarantee to prevent these issues from becoming serious problems to your website and company.

Basic Hosting Plan

$2500per month
  • 5 GB of web space
  • 100 GB of bandwidth
  • Up to 5 addon domains
  • Up to 2 databases
  • Up to 5 FTP accounts
  • Monthly backups & basic monitoring
  • “On-your-own Basic Hosting”

Standard Support Plan

$15000per month
  • Basic Hosting Plan + Support
  • Limit 2 hours monthly website service
  • Updated plugins & software extensions
  • Updated CMS software
  • Enhanced security monitoring
  • Guaranteed disaster recovery
  • Analytic & Visitor reporting

Advanced Support Plan

25000per month
  • Standard Support Plan +
  • 2 additional support hours
  • Basic online SEO marketing
  • Local Business Listing Management
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Guaranteed disaster recovery
  • 2-3 Local Search Optimizations

Need More Support?

DDM Global offers a wide variety of online marketing programs to add to your website support plans for increased search engine optimization!