Looking for a new corporate identity to keep up with today’s trendsetting designs? Look no further as DDM Global has the talent to develop what you need. Whether you want your company’s identity to emit an elegant and serenity feel; or take a more bold and iconic approach, DDM Global’s graphic designers can design you a logo that will give your customers the lasting impression you are looking for!

Logo Design Portfolio


$90000one-time fee
  • Choose from 4 custom logo designs
  • Heavily text design orientation
  • Fair amount of detail & color
  • Limit 1 rounds of revisions


$150000one-time fee
  • Choose from 6 custom logo designs
  • Iconic branding elements
  • High amount of detail & gradients
  • Limit 2 rounds of revisions


250000one-time fee
  • Choose from 8 custom logo designs
  • Include 2 custom print designs
  • High amount of detail & definitions
  • Limit 3 rounds of revisions