Project Description

HTR’s mission is to serve children and adults with disabilities and to improve quality of life through equine-assisted activities and therapies.  HTR provides equine-assisted activities and therapies. These activities and therapies utilize the interaction with a horse and/or the movement of a horse to promote physical, cognitive, and emotional growth.

DDM Global won yet another RFP, this time from the Heartland Therapeutic Riding inc. As an organization, we found compassion in HTR’s mission and found it in our hearts to meet the high demands of the group’s website needs, while discounting our services enough to remain under budget. A very robust and large website, with HTR’s new site from DDM Global, the organization was now able to schedule and promote charity events, take RSVPs, received online donations and payments for riding camps, and solicit volunteers; servicing the foundation more as a useful (and now dependent) tool for operating business.